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Beautiful hands

Who does not dream of a perfect manicure holding without flaking and lasts longer than a week?

To succeed a manicure, there are not that nail polish that counts! It should also treat the cuticles, repel, moisturize nails and file them: all essential steps for beautifying nails.


Our foot care has been specially developed to soothe and relieve tired feet, damaged, worn the day in which they supported the entire weight of the body! It is therefore normal that the foot is showing signs of fatigue, both in the epidermis and in terms of mechanics and sensitivity of the foot.

Furthermore, the foot is a barometer of the body. There has been a long time, the Chinese have explained how the nerve endings of the body found their arrival in the foot point under the arch, between toes, around the ankle etc ... They were enumerating a large amount of acupunctures points, connected to some important vital organs.

Nail extensions

Very often it is very difficult and even impossible to keep long natural nails in good condition. However, nails are among the many advantages of women concerned about their appearance.

To overcome the problem of nail biting, fragile or brittle, our Lounge offers to adopt the modeling of artificial nails resin or gel.

Renowned for our expertise and quality of our products, artificial nails poses are rendered perfectly natural and give your hand a sophisticated and attractive look more colorful.

Semi-permanent polish

Nail gel base and appeared in late 2011, their formula is a bit thicker than regular polish. More fitting requires a uv / led and some work experience lamp.

The difference between an ordinary and semi-permanent nail is at the light, in a semi-permanent installation can take up to 2 or 3 weeks without chipping.

An ideal solution for those who want to strengthen their natural nails, to those who go on vacation.


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